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What are the documents required for Brand Registration in Bangalore?

Brand registration In Bangalore

What Is Brand?

brand registration in Bangalore is any logo, symbol, word or combination of words, symbols and numbers that makes a brand unique in the market. Moreover, it is an important intellectual property for a business registering a brand that prevents competitors from using the same names or logos.


These soft drinks, however, can be distinguished in the first place by their logo.

The functions of the brand are:

  • Helps identify product or service
  • Guarantees quality of product and service
  • It helps promote products or services.
  • Brand types:
  • Image, symbol, 3D shapes, letters, etc.
  • If audio format sound marks are available
  • A combination of letters and numbers to denote a brand
  • Brand name
  • Advantages of brand registration
  • Recognition for product quality
  • Protection against violations
  • There is a difference in production and services
  • Builds trust and goodwill
  • Low cost defense for ten years
  • Global brand registration
Brand Registration In Bangalore

Brand Application:

A person, company or any legal entity that owns any particular product or service may apply for a brand. Indeed, the application can be completed in a few days for brand registration. However, the time required to complete brand registration and other formalities will be somewhere between 18 and 24 months. In addition to your brand, someone may use the registered (registered symbol) as it is registered, and the certificate guarantees it. The registered brand is valid for ten years from the date of filing, and may be renewed from time to time.

The following documents will be required to file a brand application in India:

  • Copy of brand or logo
  • Name, address, nationality and details of the applicant for the institution of the state of establishment
  • Specifications of goods and services to register
  • If a brand is used before applying, specify the date
  • The applicant must sign a Power of Attorney attorney
  • Cost of brand registration

Procedure for brand registration in Bangalore

The steps for brand registration are as follows:

Step 1:Search for brands

It is important to make a well-thought-out decision and research before applying for a brand. The brand should be unique, and if the same brand is available, it will give you an idea to modify your brand accordingly and avoid any brand judgment. Indeed, in business, it is important to keep an eye on costs and time.

Step 2: File for brand application

Once you are sure that the selected brand has not been registered by anyone in the Brand Registry India before. You can proceed to register your selected brand. In addition, enter the brand application on India’s Brand Office Fees. Indian brand offices are located in Fiso Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. Today filing is mostly possible online. Upon filing the application, the official receipt for future reference is generated. However, you can track the status of your application online.

Step 3: Brand examination

Third, the tester examines and files the brand application. Moreover, the duration of the examination will be 12-18 months. However, acceptance of brand registration depends entirely on the results of examinations, which may be conditional or Object. The brand, when unconditionally selected, will be published in the Brand Journal. If not accepted the objection needs to be clarified by the applicant, and a period of 1 month is provided for that.

Step 4: Brand release

If anyone objects to brand registration, they will have the same opportunity to challenge. If, months- of publication. Months later, if there is no protest, the process moves on. In case of objection, a fair hearing will be held and a decision is scheduled by the Registrar.

Step 5: certificate of registration

When the application proceeds for brand registration, after publication in the brand journal, a certificate of registration bearing the seal of the brand office fee is issued.

Step 6: Brand renewal

The brand is renewed every ten years, and will ensure permanent protection of your brand reputation.

The brand registration process can be time consuming, but in the long run it guarantees the safety and durability of your brand’s product or service. Moreover, every organization should consider this process. Indeed, for this, they should rely only on a reputable partner.

Benefits of brand registration

Distinctive Identity: The products and services provided by a business are uniquely identified by customers and audiences. This helped in enhancing the reputation of the market and in this way, it became the face of the business entity. It ensures sole proprietorship of a particular symbol, logo, name, as long as it is not misused.

Exclusive Rights: The right to use exclusively in respect of goods and services provided by a business entity.

Legal protection: Once a brand has been registered, an existing brand infringement can be claimed by the owner. Thus, it provides specific legal protection in the following situations:

Being in the process avoids the possibility of infringement anyone can find a brand through a brand database or brand registry.

Building trust or goodwill: Providing quality products and services under a registered brand creates the image of a business entity in the market. It also introduces that the business takes care of brand building and passes on positive values ‚Äč‚Äčabout the brand to these customers or the public.

Global Permits: Brand registration in Bangalore,. Marathahalli helps local traders to access the global market through the international brand system. It is important to note that non-resident Indians and foreigners are also eligible for brand registration in Bangalore, Indiranagar. On the other hand, Indians can register their brands globally.

Protection from infringement claims: Once a brand is registered, infringement claims can be confirmed. This means that if a brand has been recorded, someone may need proper legal evidence to defend the brand in public.

Market Value: A brand forms the standard of products and services provided by a business entity in the market. This increases the value of the brand making it easier for the customer or potential customer to present the company or brand in the market.

Hypothesis or security: A brand registered for security purposes can be hypothesized to secure a loan. The same has been mortgaged here as the fixed property is bound.

Invaluable Assets: In the legal sense, a registered brand is often referred to as a recognizable invaluable asset. It attaches to the reputation or goodwill of the product.

Right to use the symbol R: Once registered, one can use the symbol for the goods and services listed in the registration.

Thus it becomes clear that getting a brand register is crucial. Next, take a look at the types of brands listed here and how they happen.

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