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Brand Registration In Bangalore

Brand Registration in Bangalore has a vital role in bringing the visual appearances of the respective goods and services. The brand is the remarkable part of a service or a product. It can be business name, domain name, logo, design or any other features. Branding is the no. 1 digital marketing strategy. No one is familiar with the corresponding product or services if we do not possess branding. Branding is must for all the business economy. For branding we need a strong and unique Brand name. Brand registration can be categorized into domain name registration, business name registration, trademark registration, copyright registration etc.

For start-ups the brand name is an important one. Using brand registration you will get an extra remarkability on your company status. Most of the people are confused about company registration and brand name registrations. Both are different one. Lets take an example. Paytm is the brand name, but its company name is One97 Communication. But in some time we can take company and brand name as different and same. So, first make a clarity in between brand name and company name. Trademark registration’s simplified way is brand name registration. If you want to protect your brand name then make the registration with logo. If you are already registered your brand you can keep it from infringements.

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Primary phase of your business is Branding. So don’t wait to get it.

 Brand registation

Large, small, retail or B2B any of the business should need brand.


Brand should be unique and professional, it should speaks about your business.

 Brand registration

An Effective brand strategy gives a major edge in the competitive markets.

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Characteristics of brand name registration:

Brand is a corporate image and it is the reputation of quality in the eyes of patrons.

Brand helps to easily identify the products and services of a company and its market value.

Brand used to stop others from using and creating your brand ideas. It avoids brand confusions.

Brand should be unique, extendable, easy to pronounce, meaningful and memorized, then only it accept for registration.

It should be easily transferable to foreign languages and should capable of legal protections and registration.

The Brand must possess good quality and do not contain any wrong information in any category.

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Intellectual properties are the intangible creation of humans. Solubilis is the trustful partner who provides all intellectual property registration in Bangalore since 2013. The international Brand name registration follows certain treaties like Madrid protocol, European community trademark, Berne and Paris Convention, and WIPO. These organizations are holding international countries as their followers. All the intellectual property registrations are carrying in timely manner. The appropriate execution of the IPR and its registration schemes enroutes Solubilis in its highpoint part. Brand registration before starting a business is extremely fundamental advancement. It is the verification of a business. Brand registration are directed by Trademark Act of 1999.


Brand registration is mandatory. It convey the message and benefits of your service and product. The unique brand always a new step for your upcoming offers and introduces a new step of standards. The brand is your ambassador and advocate. It is the new turning to bring more customers.
The logo is the different way to write about the product or service’s quality. It is not that much essential for a brand. There are many companies which are leading as No.1 without a logo. It is important to have a perfect brand name rather than just picking an attractive font.
The brand name registration can be done easily at affordable cost with Solubilis. Register your brand in Bangalore and enjoys the legal advantages.
Yes, each proprietors can register their brand in Bangalore via Solubilis. Our expert team assist you in all the registration steps. Hindrance free registration that is our vision for all the clients over India.
Under NICE classification the examiner choose and check the brand name and later it publish in the trademark journal. It is termed as Examination report in brand registry.