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Why do we need branding for our business?

A Brand registration Bangalore can be defined as a name, word, design, logo, or other attribute that distinguishes a company or product from its competitors in terms of customer. Brands are commonly used in business, marketing and advertising. Registering brand is a set of marketing and communication methods that help a company or product stand out from competitors, with the goal of creating a lasting impression in the minds of consumers. However, it is often heard that the word ‘trademark’ is often heard instead of the word ‘brand’, but it is important to note that there is a legal difference between the two, a trademark is a symbol that refers to anything legally, usually by business, their goods or services. The brand name, however, is the name a business chooses for one of their products. A brand identifies the name of a particular product or company.

Brand registration Bangalore

Brand registration is done under Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks, Ministry of commerce and industry, Government of India. The brand registration is governed under Trademark act 1999, and it will allow the owner to enjoy the exclusive rights to sue for the damages or the infringement. In order to register a brand in the Registrar of Trademarks, the brand name must be unique and irrelevant enough. It is important to come up with an absurd and intriguing brand name because all the usual ones are taken. Hence initially the trademark search is very useful to prevent confusions.

It is done to ensure that the brand name already exists or not. Any person, company, employer or legal entity claiming to be a trademark owner is eligible for this trademark application. It can be filed in a very short time and can start using the “TM” symbol soon. All formalities of the trademark registry take only 18 to 24 months. Once the trademark is registered and the registration certificate is issued, can be used the registered symbol “®” next to the brand or trademark. 10 years after the date of filing of the trademark, it needs to be renewed.

Importance of registration

Brand registration Bangalore and its importance | Solubilis

The trademark should always be unique to the brand. We can take an example of using the logo as the trademark, but if the logo is very basic and simple, it should be given special recognition to distinguish the brand from others. By having own different logo, anyone can easily identify what brand the product belongs to. For example, when seen a silver half-baked apple on any device, whether it’s a laptop or a phone, can easily tell that it is an Apple product. 

Brand registration Bangalore makes the brand unique: Consider that having registering brand logo as the trademark. According to Business, every business needs a logo and is harder to remember and easier to remember or understand than having a logo that does not even describe the brand. Therefore, every business chooses the previous one. The reason for this is self-explanation.

It protects the product name: If having any registered trademark, one can quickly show the ownership of the product. Having a registered trademark allows to use all the products registered under the ownership. This proves that the product belongs to a specific brand and that has the right to sell, modify or use the product as per wish.

Trademark helps business grow: So, let’s say that the company deals with computers, but after making some profitable effort one may be thinking of expanding the business and even going into the video or audio hardware business. If there are new to this business, then more likely to fail, but if there is registered trademark, people will trust the brand no matter what field people are expanding.

Why brand registration in business is important?

Brand registration Bangalore and its importance | Solubilis

When brand registration is done then it has the opportunity to be easily identified in the business, logo, product or service group. Entering the trademark ensures that there is no Dopplenger in the product or service name and that the re-branded result has a reversible direct result. It is important to register a trademark in India if there is need to confirm the intellectual property resources and guarantee the rights. Any entrepreneur should know what the benefits, trademark registration gives are. Below are 10 benefits in detail


The owner of the registered trademark has the right of choice over the trademark. The same can be used by the owner for every item that falls under the class (S) to which the application is submitted. In addition, the employer may enjoy the sole responsibility of the trademark and prevent others from making unauthorized use of the trademark under the same category in which the trademark is not registered. It gives the authority to prosecute an unauthorized client of a trademark registered.

Increases confidence and awareness:

The well-known excellence of the goods and services is known to everyone through the trademark and it increases the trust and awareness among the clients in the market. It helps in making reliable and permanent clients who choose the same brand reliably.

Separates product:

Registering brand makes it easy for clients to find the items. It makes the product or service unique, unlike contemporary and expected competitors and is an effective promotional tool. The logo conveys the vision, quality or attribute for the organization and any association.

Product quality recognition:

It provides recognition for the value of a product or service. Clients connect the quality of service or product with the brand name and this image is made in the market about the nature of a particular brand, which helps to draw new clients who can distinguish the quality of product or service by logo.

Trademark helps business grow: So, let’s say your company deals with computers, but after making some profitable effort you may be thinking of expanding your business and even going into the video or audio hardware business. If you are new to this business, you are more likely to fail, but if you have your registered trademark, people will trust your brand no matter what field you are expanding.

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